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design & technology

Design and Technology inspire students to problem solve, think creatively, design innovative products and realise these ideas through a wide range of material areas.  It teaches a broad set of life skills and has many cross-curricular links such as: Maths, Science, Computer Science and Art.  We aim to build students' confidence and ability to use each tool and machine available during KS3 and provide a solid foundation for students to gain resilience and independence.  Our facilities include a Graphics suite, separate computer room, separate sixth-form work area, four fully equipped workshops, a laser cutter, 3D printer and sublimation printer.

Our curriculum in Years 7, 8 and 9

Our projects in the Lower School build on different skill sets preparing students for GCSE.  We offer a wide range of different opportunities to expand students' skills and challenge their problem-solving abilities.  Year 9 students enjoy a trip to Harry Potter to explore set design and model making. 

Year 7

Product Design: Multifunctional Key Tag

Product Design: Ergonomic Torch

Graphic Design: Sublimated Pencil Case

 Year   8

Product Design: Make and Test Bridges

Product Design: Nightlight

Graphic Design: Travel Board Game

 Year 9

Product & Graphic Design: Pewter Casting

3D Design: Architecture

Graphic Design:  Biscuit Packaging






Curriculum Map Design Technology
Our Upper School Curriculum

Our Sixth Form curriculum

Enrichment opportunities

Clubs: CAD Club, Go Kart Club, Tech Deck Club

Competitions: Halloween pumpkin carving

Workshops: Christmas & Easter