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Classical Civilisation

A-level Classical Civilisation comprises the study of the ancient worlds of 5th century BCE Greece and 1st century CE Rome and their impact upon our society and culture today.  There are three units: The World of the Hero, Greek Theatre, and Love and Relationships.  At AS-level, we study Greek Theatre, buildings and plays, and Homer’s Odyssey, regarded as the first work of Western literature.  At A-level, we include the study of Rome, with Virgil’s Aeneid and the complex context which lies behind it.  Love and Relationships involves the study of the philosophers Plato & Seneca, coupled with the poets Sappho & Ovid and how these ancient societies regarded love, marriage, men and women and family.  We also read other works as appropriate for enrichment and visit the British museum, Greek drama productions and either Greece or Rome to see the ancient sites.

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