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The Ashcombe School


The School Day

The official school day starts with Morning Registration at 8.50am, with students expected to be on site by 8.45am, and ends at 3.30pm.  This includes break and lunch, but not optional before or after school activities.  The weekly total figure of compulsory time the school is open is 33 hours and 20 minutes.

The Dining Hall is open from 8.15am.

The two-week timetable is clearly laid out in students personal timetables, on ClassCharts and on screen displays throughout the school.

8.50am Morning Registration
9.05am Periods 1&2
10.15am Periods 3&4
11.30am BREAK
12.00 Periods 5&6
1.10pm LUNCH
1.50pm Afternoon Registration/Assembly Time
2.20pm Periods 7&8
3.30pm End of the school day