The Ashcombe School

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Learning to learn

The vast majority of students want to be successful learners. People enjoy being successful as it feels good. Our learning model is designed to provide students with the attributes to be successful learners.

Learning to Learn

We aim to build the development of these learning attributes into a variety of lessons and school activities. Students in Years 7 and 8 follow a specific Learning to Learn programme.

Accelerated Learning

We use the Accelerated Learning Cycle when planning and reviewing learning activities. This is a four part cycle which helps us maintain the focus on learning within the classroom.

For students the cycle provides a more personal learning experience in which they can see what’s in it for them, see what success looks like in a given task and consolidate their learning through practice.

Learning is often a complex process which is messy, specific to an individual and varies from one subject to another. The Accelerated Learning Cycle guides our planning but it is often the learning opportunities which arise in class which if spotted lead to a great lesson.

Accelerated Learning Cycle