Understanding your Exam Results

The following information will help you understand your exams results and what steps you can take next.

Grade Boundaries for subjects




Please note that grade boundaries showing UMS marks relate to older, non-reformed exams. Grade boundaries showing raw marks relate to reformed subjects.

Understanding reformed subjects

Click on the following link for a summary of the reformed and non reformed subjects.. Reformed Subjects.

Please read the following information from OCR which explains how linear qualifications and grade boundaries work for all exam boards. This informed relates to reformed subjects.

Recalling and remarking your papers

Non-Priority Review Form – 13th September 2018 deadline

Priority Review Form – 22nd August 2018 deadline but recommended by 17th if UCAS place pending

Priority Copy of Script – 23rd August 2018 (A-level) or 29th August (GCSE) deadline

Non priority recall of script - 21st September 2018 deadline

*Please note that if you recall the script you will miss the review deadline.

All forms should be marked for the Exams Office