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Dorking Schools Language Development Group

There has always been a strong ethos of co-operation between Dorking schools and groups of teachers regularly meet for discussions and training sessions covering a wide range of subjects.

The Dorking Schools Language Development Group (DSLDG) meets several times each year to discuss a wide range of issues, including:

KS2-KS3 MFL Transition

Primary and Secondary MFL colleagues from Dorking Schools Language Development Group meet regularly to discuss schemes of work, pedagogy, progression and transition.

There are mutual observation opportunities cross-phase as part of CDP for teachers and Year 9 pupils visit Year 6 to share language games and activities.

Modern Foreign Language teaching in Primary Schools

The DSLDG plays a significant rôle in the development of language teaching in local Primary Schools, including in the following fields:

Continuing Professional Development for Primary MFL Coordinators

A positive effect of the Language College at The Ashcombe School is the support given to primary schools in the Dorking area.

Primary Links with China

There has been a link with Changzheng Central Primary School since 2005, including the Primary Chinese Club.

International Week

Dorking Primary Schools organise excellent international activities as part of a themed week each June. 

Visits from Exchange Students

As part of the exchange programmes at the Ashcombe School, arrangements are made for the students to spend an afternoon in local Primary Schools.

Links with European Schools

There are long-standing links with schools in Dorking's twin town of Gouvieux in France. In 2009, links were also established with our German twin town, Güglingen.

The Big Sing

The local Primary Schools come together to share songs in a variety of languages.

Year 5 ICT visits

Every summer, the Ashcombe and Priory Schools play host to Year 5 pupils.