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Year 9 - Year 12 Exchange Visits

The background to exchange visits

When The Ashcombe School became a specialist language college in 1998, it decided to use some of the specialist funds to pay for a member of staff who would organise a graduated programme of foreign trips and exchanges...

It is important to know how to manage exchanges, because evidence shows that exchanges are well worth the effort. They provide a unique opportunity for all involved and, for some, it leads to lifelong friendships.

To help others who might be considering organising an exchange; we have put together some information which we hope will be of interest and practical help.

French exchange (Years 9/10)

A link was made this year with The Coll├Ęge ENC Blomet in S.W. Paris which already has links with several English-speaking schools. Madame Jourdie led a great tour of her school.


German exchange (Years 9/10)

There have long been personal links with Heinrich-Böll Gymnasium in Troisdorf, near Bonn, and the link with The Ashcombe School was established in 1997.