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Year 8 Residential Visit to France

Most recent visit 2017

The sun shone on Year 8 pupils as they experienced a week of French language, culture, history, art and food in Normandy during June 2017. This week has proved to be a particularly popular trip with pupils, parent helpers and staff over the many years we have run it, and this year was no exception. The photos show pupils using their Frenchto buy food at a delightful market, posing in the pretty port of Deauville, visiting the German batteries at Longues-sur-Mer, washing their hands after making organic bread following French instructions from 'Eric le boulanger'

(a man with a mission to make us be resourceful when meeting new language and to consider our lifestyle choices) and visiting the beautifully maintained Ranville cemetery where many who died at the start of the D Day landing campaign are remembered.

Other activities included being surrounded by images and films made in the 100 days after the landings at the compelling 360° Arromanches cinema; visiting the Pegasus Memorial to those who captured the bridge at Pegasus (a vital strategic position which had to be captured in order to allow troops to move onwards through France); seeing first-hand the amazing Bayeux tapestry which tells the story of the Norman Conquest; learning about the fermentation process in the production of drinks at the cider farm near Honfleur and goats' cheese at the farm; and making delicious biscuits at Asnelles sur Mer. Some also followed in Monet's footsteps by sketching Rouen cathedral. Our special thanks go to the coach leaders Ms Gray, Mrs Hook and Mr Prior, who took the role of pastoral and curriculum leaders during the week and to the staff and parents who gave up a week with their own families to accompany the trip. We are also very proud of our pupils who developed their personal skills of 'getting on with people' in an unfamiliar context and who were excellent ambassadors for the school and their country. We look forward to taking many of them on other trips in the future.