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Draft Constitution of The Parents & Teachers Association

Association name:

The name of the Association shall be The Ashcombe School Parents & Teachers Association (hereinafter: PTA)

PTA remit:

The objects of the PTA shall be to advance the education of the pupils of the Ashcombe School by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for the education at the school (not normally provided by the relevant Local or National education authorites), and as an ancillary thereto, and in furtherance of this object the PTA may:-

a) foster more extended relationships between staff, parents and others associated with the school; and

b) engage in activities which support the school and advance the education of the pupils attending it.

It is clearly understood that the day to day running of the school, its curriculum and educational methods employed, are not the responsibility of the PTA

The PTA shall be non political and non sectarian.

PTA membership:

Membership of the Ashcombe School Parents Teacher Association ( PTA ) shall be open to all members of the Ashcombe School Community (hereinafter: ASC) namely the Parents and Guardians of current Pupils, and Teaching staff.

PTA governance:


Management Committee (hereinafter: MC) meetings shall be held at least once each school term at such times and places as the MC shall direct.


Attendance at and membership of the MC is open to as many members of the ASC as wish to join- subject only to a discretionary limit of 20 regular members if the President sees fit to invoke such a limit.


50% of the normal / regular number of MC members & 2 out of the 3 elected Officers (or their nominated representatives) shall represent a MC Quorum (hereinafter MCQ) - with the proviso that the President, the Vice President or a nominated representative shall be in attendance.


The Annual General Meeting (hereinafter: AGM) of the PTA shall be held at a regular annual interval that is agreed by the MC with regards to the convenience of the Treasurer & Auditor, the relevant Statutory requirements and the practicalities of all PTA affairs and business. A change of at least 3 months from a setted regular date for the AGM shall require such a change being advertised in all the normal channels of communication between the PTA and the ASC. A minimum of 30 days notice for any AGM shall be given.


A Quorum at an AGM should be a minimum of either the President (or Vice President or nominated representative) and 2 out of the 3 Elected MC Officers (or their nominated representaives) and at least 5 other members of the ASC.


An Extraordinary General Meeting (hereinafter: EGM) may be called by the MC or if 50 members of the ASC make such a request to the President or an elected office of the PTA. The Secretary of the MC must give a minimum of 7 days notice of the EGM and it's purpose through all normal channels of communication between the PTA and ASC. The EGM is solely for the purpose for which it has been summoned- no other business can be discussed or voted upon.


As per AGM Quorum.

Non-elected Management Committee members:

PRESIDENT: The Head of the School shall be President, and the Deputy Head and or whoever else is the senior teaching staff representative shall be Vice President.

OTHER STAFF MEMBERS: Other Staff members may attend and be a member of the MC but in principle the majority of the MC should be Parents and any MCQ votes taken by the MC at any particular meeting should reflect that balance.

NON ELECTED POWERS: The President and /or Vice President cannot normally Vote, but can request a Vote, and has a Casting Vote if applicable , and has the power of veto if a proposal has been adopted by the MC that runs contrary to the Constitution of the PTA, the Ashcombe School's Rules & Regulations, the authority of the Governors of the Ashcombe School or relevant Statutory Regulations. In such a situation the Officers of the MC can request a legal opinion and/or a meeting with the Ashcombe School Governors to discuss and in principle try to resolve such an issue if an MCQ vote results in a request for them to do so.

Elected Management Committee members:


The MC shall elect the following Officers: Chair, Treasurer & Secretary. These Officers are to be proposed and elected on an annual basis at the AGM open to all the members of the Association. Three years shall be the limit of a term of Office– subject only to the discretion of the President- and to a MC vote and when all MC members have been pre-advised of the request by Secretary with at least 30 days notice. The retiring officer can remain on the MC and may undertake a different role.

(The President may request the retirement of an elected officer during a period of office but such a request should be subject to an MC vote and when all MC members have been pre-advised of the request with at least 30 days notice).

CHAIR: The Chair should direct and co-ordinate the MC and the affairs of the PTA with reference to the remit of the PTA.

SECRETARY: The Secretary shall maintain regular and consistent records of Meetings, Attendance, Resolutions & Accounts in such a manner that they are accessible to all members of the ASC, the Ashcombe School Governors, Auditors and relevant regulatory authorities.

TREASURER: The Treasurer shall supply the Secretary with such information as may be requested to maintain adequate PTA records. In particular the Treasurer shall keep account of all the income and expenditure and shall submit accounts, duly audited, at the AGM.

TRUSTEES : 2 Trustees shall be drawn from the ASC

Treasury functions:


The banking Account shall be made in the name of the PTA and withdrawals shall be made in the name of the PTA on the Signatures of any MC member (elected or unelected) whose name has been submitted on the relevant official Bank Mandate after a proposal to include them has been agreed at a minuted MC meeting.


The PTA may invest monies not required for the immediate purposes of the PTA in which trust money, by law, may be invested with power from time to time to transfer such investments


Any assets remaining on dissolution of the PTA. after satisfying any outstanding debts and liabilities, shall not be distributed amongst the members of the PTA, but will be given to the Ashcombe School fot the benefit of the children of the school in any manner which is exclusively charitable at law.


An Auditor, not being a member of the MC, shall be appointed to audit the accounts and books of the PTA. This appointment shall be confirmed at the AGM


The Treasurer shall procur & maintain relevant and appropriate Liability Insurance at a level agreed by the MC on an annual basis. If such Insurance is not available or the funds to pay for such insurance are not available, the Treasurer must advise the President , Chair and Head of the Uniform Team without delay and the business & activities of the PTA may then be suspended without an MC vote or prior advice being given to the MC.

The Terms of the Insurance should be made freely available to any member of the MC or to whoever the President designates as appropriate.

Management Committee management & policy:


The MC shall have the power to co-opt additional MC members and Officers. Any such person shall serve only until the next AGM and then shall be subject to proposal and election.


The MC shall have the power to appoint any sub-committee, and shall prescribe the function of any such sub-committee.


The Procurement & Distribution of the Ashcombe School Uniform by the PTA MC & the PTA Uniform Team is subject to the policy of the Ashcombe School Governors.


The President shall advise and ensure that the MC and any relevant PTA members are acting in accordance with relevant statutory regulations.


The MC may request access to appropriate legal opinion- subject to an MCQ.


The MC may request reasonable contact details of any MC member or ASC member. As long as such information is freely given , such information shall be stored and used in accordance with the relevant legislation and only for the express purpose of coordinating the activities of the PTA within the ASC.


No member of the PTA MC, Uniform team or any member of the ASC acting on behalf of the PTA shall be held personally liable by the ASC authorities for Errors & Omissions save those that are deliberate or of a criminal intent.

Any other business:

Any matter not provided for in the PTA Constitution shall be dealt with by the MC, whose decision shall be be deemed final.