The Ashcombe School

  Stuart: 0 Tudor: 0 Windsor: 0 York: 0

House Points

Stuart: 3228 : Tudor: 2837

Windsor: 3225 : York: 2996

Top Tutor Group: 7XY: 574

Rewards & consequences

At The Ashcombe we like to take every opportunity to celebrate students’ good performance. As well as positive feedback to individual students, displays of student work and celebrations in assembly we have a variety of formal rewards to recognise all levels of achievement. Every year we also hold a prize giving event prior to the Christmas break.

Lower School Merit Marks

Merit badgeMerits are given to Lower School students by staff for good work or contributions to school life. Staff issue merits which are distributed to students via their form tutor. Students should collect their merit stickers in their planners. The following merit awards are made:

50 Merits – Certificate of achievement

100 Merits – Red merit badge

200 Merits – Green merit badge

The merit totals also contribute to the inter house competition between York, Windsor, Tudor and Stuart.

Upper School Credits

Credits are the Upper School equivalent to merits. Staff issue credits which are distributed to students via their form tutor. Students should collect their credit stickers in their planners.

50 Credits – Certificate of achievement

100 Credits – Silver credit badge

200 Credits – Gold credit badge

Praise Postcards

Departments send home praise postcards to students in the post. Praise postcards are a significant achievement and any recipient deserves to be congratulated.

Praise postcard

A praise postcard from the PE department

6th Form Volunteering

Kennedy certainly had the right idea when he famously said "ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." This famous quote from his inauguration speech has inspired 6th Form volunteering.

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On occasions some young people will get things wrong and they must realise this. Further information regarding detentions to follow.