The Ashcombe School

  Stuart: 14078 Tudor: 13522 Windsor: 14274 York: 12887

House Points

Stuart: 3228 : Tudor: 2837

Windsor: 3225 : York: 2996

Top Tutor Group: 7XY: 574

Volunteering Opportunities

Kennedy certainly had the right idea when he famously said "ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." This famous quote from his inauguration speech has inspired 6th Form Volunteering. The 6th Form lead the way in volunteering at school and abroad in locations such as Romania.

Miss ParishWe would like all 6th Form students to volunteer during their time with us. It can be good fun and very rewarding


Miss Parish heads up the volunteering programme so do contact her with any questions.


Please find the current opportunities available.


Thank you in advance for playing your part in supporting the wider school.