The Ashcombe School

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The Governing Body

Key rôles

Contacting the Governors

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An important part of our role as Governors is listening to parents’ views and considering whether improvements can be made as a result of feedback. Responses in questionnaires completed by parents are regularly reviewed and discussed by us, but direct contact with us can be made, in confidence: email the Governing Body

Whilst we welcome input from parents about general issues relating to the school, issues which relate to individual pupils should be addressed, in the first instance, to the pupil’s teacher or tutor, and if not satisfactorily resolved should then be notified to Heads of Department or Heads of Year. If still unresolved, any concerns should be directed to members of the Senior Management Team.

Who are the Governors?

Members of the Governing Body are drawn from a range of stakeholders (parents, staff, the wider community and representing the Local Authority).Together we offer diverse skills and experience, and - very importantly - committed support for the education of all pupils and students in the school.

Our services to the school are entirely voluntary, though there is a scheme by which governors may claim for travelling expenses when undertaking training away from the school, or (in certain circumstances) for necessary childcare whilst attending meetings.

Register of Governors' interests

Governors' attendance at committees 2017-2018