The Ashcombe School

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House Points

Stuart: 3228 : Tudor: 2837

Windsor: 3225 : York: 2996

Top Tutor Group: 7XY: 574

Our specialisms

The expertise and abilities of our staff have been recognised widely and the school has been awarded two specialist statuses.

Language College

The Ashcombe School became a Language College in September 1998 and the bulk of the capital grant was used to create two multimedia language rooms. In the intervening period, these have been completely updated in terms of hardware and software and are used extensively by the Modern Foreign Languages department. They are also used by visting teachers in the course of the regular Langauge College Presentation Days. To find out much more about this aspect of The Ashcombe, please visit the Language College section of this website.

Read more in the Language College section

Leadership Management

The leadership partner school programme is an initiative jointly developed by the National College of School Leadership and the Youth Sport Trust.

The initiative works through the designation of key schools, such as The Ashcombe, which have the capacity to contribute to the national and local agenda of improving leadership development and planning.

Only those specialist schools designated as high performing, as measured by recent examination results and the latest Ofsted report, are invited to bid for an additional specialism.